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December 2018

Meeting called to order by President Steve Halsey at 7:32 PM.Pledge of Allegiance recited and a moment of silence was observed for our past members and those in our Military. 

Minutes: Minutes read from November 2018 meeting and Accepted.  Henry Jacobs motioned, Meg Halsey seconded.

Treasurer’s Report:  John Skabry gave a detailed Report.  Disbursements detailed, incoming funds not yet reported, checks outstanding. Motion to approve was carried, Tom Rickenbach, Henry Jacobs seconded.

Membership Report:  Reported by George Bartunek, 10 renewals received so far.  As of last year at this time frame, there were approximately 110 households in the membership roster.

Nominating Committee Report:  From Henry Jacobs and Janet Tinnin. As of the November meeting, nominations were opened.  None presented, were closed, then re-opened which was the reason for the December 20, 2018 meeting.  Steve Halsey and Geoff Leek have reconsidered and will run again for their positions of President and Vice President for the 2019 year. 

Slate for 2019 Calendar Year as follows:

President:  Steve Halsey;  Vice President:  Geoff Leek;

Secretary:  Janet Lowry;   Treasurer:  Janet Tinnin.

Board of Directors:  Fred Ogar, Craig Raynor, Henry Jacobs.

As per Club By-Laws, Tom Rickenbach served as Temporary  Chairman and conducted the meeting regarding the Election Process.  Motions were cast, carried, and approved by Membership with no opposition for the slate presented. Following the completion of the election, the meeting was conducted by President Steve Halsey.  Steve informed the membership that in January of 2019, there will be a re-organizing committee meeting that will be held, and a re-organizing committee meeting that will be held, and a review of appointed positions and assignments will take place, and membership will be informed. 

New Business/Upcoming Events:

  • Mike Malkush discussed the upcoming Swap Meet on February 10, 2019.  He spoke with Janet from the Town to confirm the arrangements.  Since there is an event taking place the day before our Swap Meet, our club set-up volunteers would be permitted to come in by 5pm to re-arrange the tables which will be left up for us by the     previous event.  Mike discussed with Janet from the Town about the Club paying for a clean up person from the Town Staff, and offered $100, but there was no commitment on this.  Discussion among Membership to increase the offer up to $200, and Mike will present this to Janet.  Tom Rickenbach motioned, Craig Raynor seconded.      As luck would have it, Dave from the Town had stopped by during our meeting, Mike spoke to him, and Dave will see if he can get someone to work with us!
  • John Skabry sent out information to auto-related publications about the upcoming Swap Meet, Geoff Leek will speak with Bob Barauskas to confirm table set-up configuration and food at the event. 
  • Geoff Leek thanked everyone for their past support and for allowing the Club to move forward in 2019. There is an “Open Door Policy” for Membership, and we need to keep the good momentum going!
  • John Skabry was presented with a plaque for his many years of Club Treasurer by Steve and Geoff.
  • Discussions about possibly setting up another visit to see Charlie Noto’s Car Collection, since he has added three new (old) vehicles took place. 
  • George Bartunek suggested a visit to the Mesloh Car Collection, perhaps after an “Uplift” Nursing Home Tour Visit.

Old Business:  Plaque delivered to Charlie Noto by Steve, Geoff, and Joe Hunsberger, and was sincerely appreciated. 

50/50 Raffle:  Henry Jacobs drew the winning ticket holder, Margaret Hollowell, who generously gave the winnings back to the Club.

Motion to Adjourn: Meeting adjourned 8:35pm.

Respectfully submitted, Janet Lowry, Secretary


January 2019 (coming soon)